Many a morning have we staggered into work, bleary-eyed, from staying up late to watch some unexpected treat on Turner Classic Movies. So on this, TCM’s fifteenth anniversary, we’d like to thank the invaluable cable station for the memories—and the dark circles under our eyes.

For the occasion, TCM, to whom Janus Films has licensed many titles over the years, has even set up a spiffy new anniversary website, loaded with fun facts, trailers, clips, and fan “graffiti.” And back on the main site, they also offer up a list of the fifteen most influential films of all time, including three Criterion titles: Bicycle Thieves, Rashomon, and Breathless.

Also, in theOnions A.V. Club, critic Noel Murray ruminates on the past decade and a half of Turner treasures, and how he manages to keep up-to-date on all their tantalizing transmissions (spoiler: he’s got his DVR perpetually set to TCM).

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