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Angelica Jade Bastién

Angelica Jade Bastién is a critic for New York magazine’s site Vulture. She lives in Chicago with her two cats, Paul Newman and Professor Butch Cassidy.

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The Acrobatic Grace of Cary Grant

In the actor’s inimitable comedic work, he undercut his trademark suavity with moments of slapstick mayhem, creating a contrast that hinted at the chasm between his private life and public persona.

By Angelica Jade Bastién

An Unmarried Woman: The Business of Being a Woman

Paul Mazursky’s candid tale of self-discovery reflects feminist politics of the 1970s while also hearkening back to the glories of classic Hollywood women’s pictures.

By Angelica Jade Bastién

Notorious: The Same Hunger

In this pitch-perfect noir romance, Alfred Hitchcock explores what happens when the masks we wear in the world clash with our innermost desires.

By Angelica Jade Bastién