The Orphic Trilogy

The Orphic Trilogy

The Orphic Trilogy (Criterion DVD)

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  • Spine #66

Decadent, subversive, and bristling with artistic invention, the myth-born cinema of Jean Cocteau disturbs as much as it charms. Cocteau was the most versatile of artists in prewar Paris. Poet, novelist, playwright, painter, celebrity, and maker of cinema—his many talents converged in bold, dreamlike films that continue to enthrall audiences around the world. In The Blood of a Poet, Orpheus, and Testament of Orpheus, Cocteau utilizes the Orphic myth to explore the complex relationships between the artist and his creations, reality and the imagination. The Criterion Collection is proud to present the DVD premiere of the Orphic Trilogy in a special limited-edition three-disc box set.

Collector’s Set Includes

The Blood of a Poet box cover

The Blood of a Poet

Jean Cocteau 1930

One of cinema’s great experiments, this first installment of the “Orphic Trilogy” stretches the medium to its limits in an effort to capture the poet’s obsession with the struggle between the forces of life and death.

Orpheus box cover


Jean Cocteau 1950

Jean Cocteau’s update of the Orpheus myth depicts a famous poet (Jean Marais), scorned by the Left Bank youth, and his love for both his wife, Eurydice (Marie Déa), and a mysterious princess (Maria Casarès).

Testament of Orpheus box cover

Testament of Orpheus

Jean Cocteau 1959

In his last film, Jean Cocteau portrays an 18th-century poet who travels through time on a quest for divine wisdom. Testament of Orpheus brings full circle the journey Cocteau began in The Blood of a Poet, an exploration of the torturous relationship between the artist and his creations.

Disc Features

  • Luminous new digital transfers of the trilogy, each with extensive restoration
  • Edgardo Cozarinsky’s renowned 66-minute 1984 documentary Jean Cocteau: Autoportrait d’un Inconnu (Autobiography of an Unknown)
  • Villa Santo Sospir, a 16mm color film by Cocteau featuring many of the locations used in Testament of Orpheus
  • A gallery of rare behind-the-scenes photos from The Blood of a Poet
  • A collection of Cocteau’s writings on the trilogy, including a transcript of his lecture at the 1932 debut screening of The Blood of a Poet
  • A Cocteau bibliofilmography
  • New and improved English subtitle translations for each film

    Slipcase illustration by Jean Cocteau, cover designs by Gordon Reynolds

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