Eclipse Series 46: Ingrid Bergman’s Swedish Years

Eclipse Series 46: Ingrid Bergman’s Swedish Years

Eclipse Series 46: Ingrid Bergman’s Swedish Years (Eclipse DVD)

10 Apr 2018

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Ingrid Bergman appeared in eleven films in her native Sweden before the age of twenty-five, and while that work tends to be overshadowed by her time in Hollywood, it showcases the actor summoning an impressive depth of emotion to deliver astute, passionate performances. Under the direction of filmmakers such as the prolific studio hand Gustaf Molander, Bergman embraced a range of roles and worked with some of the most celebrated actors in the Swedish film industry, including Gösta Ekman, Karin Swanström, Victor Sjöström, and Lars Hanson. Comedies, romances, and thrillers, the six fascinating films collected here—including Intermezzo, the movie that took Bergman to America—exhibit the precociously assured talent of a young artist with an illustrious international career ahead of her.

Collector’s Set Includes

The Count of the Old Town box cover

The Count of the Old Town

Sigurd Wallén and Edvin Adolphson 1935

Ingrid Bergman’s first speaking role was in this hugely charming knockabout comedy, filmed on location in the Monk’s Bridge district of Stockholm.

Walpurgis Night box cover

Walpurgis Night

Gustaf Edgren 1935

Lena (Ingrid Bergman) is in love with her married boss, Johan, in this romantic drama that takes Sweden’s declining birth rate as a backdrop and stirred up controversy with its depiction of abortion.

Intermezzo box cover


Gustaf Molander 1936

This gorgeous romantic confection, which catalogs a doomed love affair between a married violin virtuoso and a young pianist, is graced by a leading performance by Ingrid Bergman (her first), in a role created especially for her.

Dollar box cover


Gustaf Molander 1938

In this sparkling Swedish take on screwball comedy, Ingrid Bergman excels as the frustrated spouse of a busy industrialist with conservative views about how his wife should behave in public.

A Woman’s Face box cover

A Woman’s Face

Gustaf Molander 1938

In this dramatic thriller, Ingrid Bergman takes on an uncharacteristically vicious role as Anna, a bitter, nefarious blackmailer with a disfigured face.

June Night box cover

June Night

Per Lindberg 1940

Both a grim exposé of sexual politics and a sensual romance, June Night features a remarkably intense performance from Bergman as a woman weighed down by a secret.


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