I am a cinema buff that enjoys watching almost anything - from Stalker to The Blues Brothers (though not the ill-advised sequel, that was terrible). While nothing beats seeing it on the big screen, often the Criterion Collection is the next best thing - particularly for rare or unavailable films. Each edition is a cultural treasure, and I've come to trust the catalogue as a guide to what I might not be aware of but enjoy nonetheless. The contextual essays are great too.

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    Latest Addition:

    12 Angry Men by Sidney Lumet

    • Pépé le moko (Criterion DVD)


    • The Virgin Spring (Criterion DVD)


    • F for Fake (Criterion DVD)


    • The Ballad of Narayama (Criterion Blu-Ray)


    • The 400 Blows (Criterion Blu-Ray/DVD Combo)


    • Fists in the Pocket (Criterion DVD)


    • The White Sheik (Criterion DVD)


    • Umberto D. (Criterion Blu-Ray)




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