Long-time Producer/EP (11 years) of feature documentaries on Hollywood and Hollywood subjects for the Starz network, now working independently. Huge fan of Japanese cinema from Ozu and Mizoguchi onward. On the modern side love Alexander Payne, Todd Haynes, Julio Medem, David Fincher, Richard Linklater, Chan-wook Park and all edgy Asian cinema. Devoted fan of the documentary art form.

  • Favorite director: Chaplin, Scorsese, Mizoguchi, Ozu, Kobayashi, Naruse, Antonioni, Alexander Payne, Terrence Malick, Takashi Miike
  • Favorite Criterion edition: Harikiri
  • Most wanted in the collection: The Mystery of Picasso,Todd Haynes' Safe, Greed, The Magnificent Ambersons, The Umbrellas of Cherbourg, La Dolce Vita, some Takashi Miike (The Bird People in China; prints of his films are a problem; Eclipse?) Barfly, Don't Look Now, Raise The Red Lantern
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    Latest Addition:

    Ali: Fear Eats the Soul by Rainer Werner Fassbinder

    • 3 Films by Roberto Rossellini Starring Ingrid Bergman (Criterion Blu-Ray)


    • A Woman Is a Woman (Criterion DVD)


    • Withnail and I (Criterion DVD)
    • The Long Day Closes (Criterion Blu-Ray/DVD Combo)
    • Tess (Criterion Blu-Ray/DVD Combo)
    • Fantastic Mr. Fox (Criterion Blu-Ray/DVD Combo)
    • Walkabout (Criterion DVD)


    • Stranger Than Paradise (Criterion DVD)


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