I first fell in love with movies in the first grade when I saw Star Wars. A fairly stereotypical beginning, I suppose, although I truly became dedicated to film as an art form after taking a film lit course in high school, examining The Third Man, Amadeus, and a few Kubrick films for their technical proficiency as well as thematic power. I have since become an avid cinephile and film student. I graduate soon with a Bachelor's in English Literature and Cinema Studies, and I plan on pursuing my Masters and PhD in Film Theory in the near future. My favorite filmmaker is Paul Thomas Anderson, currently one of the greatest working filmmakers of his (or any) generation. If I had to pick a favorite film out of thousands, such a difficult task, it would probably be Vertigo, but my favorite Criterion release is Pierrot le Fou. But, as you can see from my library, I love a wide array of many different films, and I continue to screen films voraciously. Cinema! Cinema!

  • Favorite director: Paul Thomas Anderson
  • Favorite Criterion edition: Pierrot le fou
  • Most wanted in the collection: Vertigo

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