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Monsters and Madmen Art Prints (set of 4)

  • Limited-edition art prints

    4 prints
    8" x 10" each (flat)

Launching us from a grave past to a space-age future, these two thrilling double features, from producers Richard and Alex Gordon, spin classic tales of hair-raising homicidal mania and intrepid, death-defying exploration. Featuring Boris Karloff in two of his most horrifying roles (The Haunted Strangler and Corridors of Blood), and two classic sci-fi treats from the atomic age.

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Set of four limited-edition fine-art prints by Darwyn Cooke, featuring his artwork for the Criterion Collection Monsters and Madmen box set, which includes The Atomic Submarine, Corridors of Blood, First Man into Space, and The Haunted Strangler.

This first edition of one hundred prints was made with a digital fine-art printing method known as giclée, which produces an apparent resolution higher than that of a lithograph, and a range of color equal to that of a serigraph. It is printed on archival-quality acid-free paper with inks designed to last up to two hundred years without losing any detail or vibrancy. Each print is hand-signed by the artist.

4 prints, 8″ × 10″ each (flat)


Darwyn Cooke is an award-winning artist, writer, and animator, best known for his work on DC: The New Frontier and Selina’s Big Score, darwyncooke.blogspot.com.


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