The Marseille Trilogy Poster

  • Limited-edition U.S. one-sheet
    27" × 39.5" (rolled)

Marcel Pagnol’s epic love story hunkers down on the waterfront of Marseille, where restless young barkeep Marius 
is in love with the cockle monger Fanny but cannot quell his wanderlust. Their bittersweet saga, stretching over years and humming with warmth and generosity, plays out among a swirl of comically provincial characters, led by Marius’s splenetic father, César, who battles propriety and his own emotional tempests to keep his family, and his community, together. Directed by three different filmmakers but governed by Pagnol’s distinctive voice and prescient filmmaking vision, the trilogy is an unprecedented marriage of cinematic and theatrical techniques that is saturated in piquant Provençal flavor and brimming with some of early cinema’s greatest performances.

Artwork by Manuele Fior

Limited-edition U.S. one-sheet, matte finish. 2017 theatrical release.
27" × 39.5" (rolled)

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