Heyhey people! I am a broke uni student who has a love for movies. I have loved movies since I was a wee-lad, but I began seriously watching movies when I was in 8th Grade. Then, I was discovering the likes of Tarantino and Aronofsky, and my love of movies came to be when I saw my then favorite movie 'Pulp Fiction', which stayed as such until 10th Grade. At that point, I discovered the likes of Kurosawa through Yojimbo, and after a brief period of time, Rashomon became my next favorite movie, and I was hooked into Japanese cinema. What began with Kurosawa led to Fellini, Ozu, Bergman, and the likes as I began to delve myself into art-house cinema. I'm sure that my story is not that unique, but it's how I discovered my love for art-house and the likes. How Tarantino led to Kurosawa, to my now favorite Matsumoto. A couple of years ago my dream was to become a director; now that has changed to me planning on moving to Japan to teach and/or translate. Oddly enough, that dream would have never been realized if it wasn't for movies.

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