I first got hooked on foreign films when I worked at the library and I'm very interested in Poland where my mother's side of the family originated from. (The Ukraine side of the country) Also besides foreign films I like to collect rare WWII documentaries that they would never show on TV when it comes to lesser known and more hard base facts when it comes to the war of WWII. Especially Poland as in Auschwitz, and other things you may not even know about when it comes to the country and it's complex and it's mysterious little known history even if it's dark and sad and I want to know the truth when it comes to Poland's tragic past no matter what I will search till the very last day of my life! Also another reason why I want to watch more foreign films is because at Regal my official job that I work for as I notice is that Hollywood seems to pump out more crap these days rather than quality films that aren't worth the watch at all. Besides that they just make me go meh what's that or even that's the stupidest stand or poster I've ever seen in my life! This does not mean I hate all American movies I'm just saying a lot of it's crap in today's times if you know what I mean by? Still there are a few I may watch but still indeed it's a rarity for me to go to watch a movie these days rather then like fifteen or twenty some years ago when Hollywood was blazing with blockbuster after blockbuster from left to right! Those were indeed the good times I just don't get why they have to put the crap out these days! But still It's nice to get away from the Hollywood junk and try something outside my comfort zone when it comes to non based Hollywood movies.

  • Favorite Criterion edition: Modern Times
  • Most wanted in the collection: La Dolce Vita, Das Boot,Full 293 min version with improved subtitles and orignal German sound track,Crouching Tiger,Hidden Dragon with improved subtitles and orignal Cantonese or Mandrin sound track,Metropolis with the long lost footage if it can be found

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    L’eclisse by Michelangelo Antonioni

    • Throne of Blood (Criterion Blu-Ray/DVD Combo)


    • The Times of Harvey Milk (Criterion DVD)


    • Persona (Criterion Blu-Ray/DVD Combo)


    • Ivan’s Childhood (Criterion DVD)


    • A Man Escaped (Criterion DVD)


    • Eclipse Series 11:   Larisa Shepitko (Eclipse DVD)


    • The 400 Blows (Criterion Blu-Ray)


    • The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp (Criterion DVD)




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