I'm from Northern Ireland, where I study film at Queens University Belfast. My interest in Film dates back to being a huge monster movie fan as a kid. Films like Jaws, Tremors, Godzilla (the original), Ghostbusters and Jurassic Park defined my childhood. Film became more of a passion when I was about 13, I started watching the works of David Lynch, Kubrick and Hitchcock. I have a pretty broad, but picky taste. If I honestly had to chose a top 5, I would say... 1) Mulholland Drive 2) Jaws 3) Don't Look Now 4) The Night of the Hunter 5) The Three Colours: Red / Touch of Evil / Bigger than Life I've been importing Criterion's since about February 2012 when I got an American Blu Ray player. And I've gone to town since then... It's pretty small compared to some of the people on here I'm sure, but it's a start. Look forward to see what the future has in store.

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