George Seminara

I am an award-winning filmmaker and am a stone cold Criterion junkie. I am very excited about the new additions to Criterion. I have been intrigued by the array of English language films that are coming our way. More Sturges! I personally would like to see the Sin of Harold Diddlebock and Mad Wednesday together under one box. Think of it as a companion to the Freshman.Perhaps with whatever extras you can find. I would volunteer to make a short doc about he differences between the Sturges and Hughes versions. A have a little over three hundred criterion editions. Some have surprised me by the repeat viewings, I have easily watched, Topsy Turvy, 20 times. And that's just the Criterion version and I had the pre-criterion edition as well, Dead Ringer's which is a film I reccomend all the time, I have only watched once on DVD but three times in the cinema.

  • Favorite director: Fritz Lang
  • Favorite Criterion edition: David Lean Directs Noel Coward
  • Most wanted in the collection: Die Nibelungen
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