I am an aspiring filmmaker, and the Criterion Collection is very essential to me. It is my own personal 'film-history-schooling', teaching me the importance of various films, new and old. "Do the Right Thing" is my favorite film in the collection, and of all time. Ernest Dickerson's cinematography is spellbindingly sublime and illustrious. Plus the color palette filtration is fantastic. "The 400 Blows" is my favorite French, and favorite foreign-language (I'm American) film. I am also gay, and of-course see Gus Van Sant as being very influential to me. My favorite Van Sant film is "Mala Noche" (I find it even more influential than Van Sant's "Milk" or "Good Will Hunting," and dealing with my sexuality, more influential than "Brokeback Mountain"). I would like to see some John Waters films, and more Warhol films in the Criterion Collection, and I also recommend some Xavier Dolan films. He really is the pure definition of wunderkind, (whatever I read about him, uses that word to describe him), and he's only seven months older than me - influential.

  • Favorite director: Stanley Kubrick
  • Favorite Criterion edition: Do the Right Thing
  • Most wanted in the collection: Pyaasa, Citizen Kane, Network, My Favorite Year, Secrets & Lies, Swimming to Cambodia, Suspiria, 2046, I Killed My Mother, Beau Travail, Killer of Sheep, Eyes Wide Shut, Tangerine, She's Gotta Have It, Bamboozled, Chelsea Girls, Sweet Sweetback's Baadasssss Song

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