If only the clumsy debacle that is coined as reality could be half is real as the pictures. I only believe in a thought, condition or view when someone has gone through the trouble of producing a motion picture or written text. These incarnations are the only thing worth thinking about. The rest lacks passion, thrift of thought and economy of language.

  • Favorite director: Werner Herzog
  • Favorite Criterion edition: Peeping Tom
  • Most wanted in the collection: Cockfigher & Barfly
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  • SinDronian doesn’t have any favorites yet.

    • A Woman Under the Influence (Criterion DVD)
    • The Seventh Seal (Criterion DVD)
    • Bigger Than Life (Criterion Blu-Ray)


    • The Naked Kiss (Criterion Blu-Ray)
    • Videodrome (Criterion Blu-Ray)


    • Withnail and I (Criterion DVD)


    • Straw Dogs (Criterion DVD)
    • À nos amours (Criterion DVD)


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