I am a person who aspires to be a film actor, and these great classic films inspire me. My two biggest acting inspirations are vastly different: Japanese legend Toshiro Mifune, and modern-day legend (to me) Nathan Fillion. I have to thank my friend Ryan for turning me to Kurosawa; without him, I would never have found this site or seen as many amazing classic films as I have. My love for Kurosawa films has rekindled an interest in the movies of the generations before me. I may not know very many classics compared to many people on here, but I have a desire to know more and more over time. Feel free to give me suggestions for great movies; I'm always open to suggestions.

  • Favorite director: Tie; Akira Kurosawa and Christopher Nolan
  • Most wanted in the collection: All Kurasawas on Blu-Ray. Also, all Toshiro Mifune movies. On Blu-ray.
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    Rashomon by Akira Kurosawa



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