I've always loved movies. A good film for me is a work of art & it's a personal goal of mine to see as many good films in my lifetime as I can (but in saying that I can't watch these types of films all the time - these films need a certain mood, and sometimes a little patience, to be able to appreciate them). The Criterion Collection is one of the best there is and I admire the care & attention that is paid to each film in it (plus the extras are priceless). NB. some films available in the Criterion Collection are also part of my collection but I have them from other collections, such as Arthaus from Germany or Director's Suite from Australia, I wanted to include these films as well so instead of putting them into 'My Collection' they can be found in 'My Wish List'.

  • Favorite director: Pedro Almodóvar
  • Favorite Criterion edition: L’eclisse
  • Most wanted in the collection: All good films in the world. Criterion are awesome so the more good films they add to their collection the better!

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George Washington by David Gordon Green



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