Vanessa Risti’s Collection (3)

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  • The Seventh Seal (Criterion DVD)



    The Seventh Seal

    Ingmar Bergman

    Vanessa Risti: “My intro to Bergman. Compelling, existential, and occasionally silly. I sought out more of his films later on, but this will always be my top favorite”

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  • The Night of the Hunter (Criterion DVD)



    The Night of the Hunter

    Charles Laughton

    Vanessa Risti: “My first CC blind buy, and what a buy it was. A battle between good and evil in a dreamlike setting. I now consider it one of my favorite movies.”

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  • Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence (Criterion DVD)



    Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence

    Nagisa Oshima

    Vanessa Risti: “Not a bad way to start off my collection. A powerful war drama featuring Bowie and Sakamoto at their acting best. Conti deserves some recognition, too”

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