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I am not the avid Criterion collector but when it comes to buying a movie that I really DO want, nothing beats the Criterion you all know. (When I wrote that, about 40 CC spines ago, it was an accurate statement. However, now that I have just acquired my 56nd Criterion, I am thinking perhaps I may need to edit that introductory sentence. I would now amend the opening sentence to read "Being an avid Criterion collector, I have joined the ranks of like-minded collectors who know that nothing beats the Criterion presentation. Via TCC, I have become an admirer of the films of Wong Kar-Wai, Aki Kaurismaki, J-P Melville and Mikhail Kalatozov. Via TCC, some of my favorite films that I have now added to my collection that I doubt I would have appreciated otherwise are Carnival Of Souls, Pickup On South Street(actually I was referred to this by its remake The Cape Town Affair which I thought was good), the Antonio Gaudi set, Hobson's Choice and my first foray into the films of Kurosawa with Drunken Angel which I happened upon in a used dvd shop for $2!.) I was shocked, pleasantly, when I learned Criterion was releasing one of my all-time favorite movies-Something Wild. And when Cul-De-Sac was announced, I did a double take too. I already owned the region 2 version on dvd(one of the reasons I bought an all-regions player) so I wrestled mightily with the decision on whether to buy the new Criterion release. I decided I am content with my region 2 disc and the Criterion wasn't necessary. Am happy to own my mini-Godard collection and am an enthusiastic Anna Karina admirerer. I think Irene Jacob is the reincarnation of Anna Karina and likewise Cotillard/Jacob.

  • Favorite director: Jean-Pierre Jeunet / Roman Polanski / Alfred Hitchcock
  • Favorite Criterion edition: Something Wild
  • Most wanted in the collection: Eclipse sets for George Kuchar and Andy Warhol and Six In Paris (Paris Vu Par)

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Latest Addition:

The Hero by Satyajit Ray

  • Straw Dogs (Criterion DVD)


  • The Magic Flute (Criterion DVD)


  • Eyes Without a Face (Criterion Blu-Ray)


  • In a Lonely Place (Criterion DVD)


  • In a Lonely Place (Criterion Blu-Ray)
  • The Exterminating Angel (Criterion DVD)


  • Ikiru (Essential Art House DVD)


  • Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me (Criterion Blu-Ray)


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