I was 17 and Boogie Nights rocked my socks. It was the first time I really noticed things like camera and editing and sound. Then listening to Anderson's invaluable commentary track really cracked my world open - all of those names and titles. It was an overload. So, now I live and breathe this cinema stuff. I work in the business world but my passion and sanctuary will always be the movies. My adventures with Criterion started when, at 15 years old, I scooped up the Beastie Boys Video Anthology. They are my favorite group. I couldn't believe the effort that went into this release: the remixes, the angles, the commentaries, the extras! I fell in love. It's been a great journey so far with Criterion, and I look forward to spending the rest of my days watching, learning, and discovering alongside them. Criterion is truly where it's at. Accept no substitutes.

  • Favorite director: Brian De Palma
  • Favorite Criterion edition: La Haine
  • Most wanted in the collection: Park Row

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