I LOVE FILM!! it is economically impossible for me to make a film, so i am an aspiring musician.. well, since 2007 i, myself, have recorded well over 300 songs (albeit only about 5% are very good).. fave musicians are Marc Bolan, Bowie, Lou Reed, Steve Malkmus, Ray Davies (the kinks).. oh, and the Beatles of course... as for film!!!.. ace in the hole, night of the hunter, body double, withnail and i, the cook the theif his wife her lover, in a year with 13 moons, the limey, get carter, persona, bigger than life, f for fake, werner herzog, yojimbo, dogville, the tenant, le samourai, the man who fell to earth, purple noon, blue velvet, altered states, time bandits, three outlaw samurai, fishing with john, michael hanke, von trier, man bites dog, the vanishing, network, steel helmet, days of heaven, modern times, schizopolis, down by law, jubilee, david cronenberg, nic winding refn, the master, the sweet smell of success, seven days in may, apocalypse now (NOT REDUX!!) james mason, michael caine, ROBERT MITCHUM, lee marvin, john wayne, sean connery, alec guiness, peter o'toole, burt lancaster, kirk douglas, james stewart, tony curtis, roger corman, dario argento, mario bava, horror movies, italian horror, the cemetery man, the wicker man, buffalo bill, buffalo '66

  • Favorite director: herzog, andrzej zulawski, greenaway, bergman, kurosawa, tarkovsky, polanski, godard, von trier, fassbinder, welles, ford, huston, wilder, depalma, jordan, roeg, cronenberg, melville, chaplin, soderbergh, friedkin, lynch, pt anderson
  • Favorite Criterion edition: Breaking the Waves
  • Most wanted in the collection: anthing by Zulawski, Peter Greenaways Baby of Macon & The Cook, Thief, his Wife and Her Lover., the Devils, the limey, more billy wilder, orsen welles, nic ray, Blue Velvet, The Master, William Friedkin, more Polanski

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