I'm a retired librarian who has worked in both public and academic libraries. I spent most of my career working with music and media. Most of the time it was a dream job. The students and faculty brought very positive energy to the library, and it made my work one of joy. I've always loved movies. The first movie I remember seeing was Kate Hepburn's Little Women. I thought she was a boy. I grew up seeing at least two movies a week, and I still do. I love the full spectrum of film - musicals, silent films, foreign film, film noir, dramas, comedies. You name a genre, and I will have a favorite film. I was an English major in college. I still love to read. Music is an important part of my life. Opera is my greatest passion these days. I think the Criterion Collection is the best thing to happen to movies since sound. I look forward to see what is coming next.

  • Favorite director: Francois Truffaut
  • Favorite Criterion edition: Jules and Jim
  • Most wanted in the collection: Chimes at Midnight or Magnificent Ambersons

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    The Vanishing by George Sluizer



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