Film fan since 15. I'm now 54. I became interested in films at the time when there were still film societies. I live near Ann Arbor,Michigan home of U of M. There were at least 5 or 6 different film clubs there at the time that rented classrooms on campus to show films. This was long before home video so if you saw something on one of the schedules you wanted to see you had better go see it. At that time you had no idea whether or not this was going to be the only opportunity you'll ever have to see some of the films they would show on campus. I would go there a couple of times a week and see foreign films,silent films,hollywood standards and independent "underground films. Within a few years I got a solid fundamental film education and by the time the eighties rolled around I was jaded. The film societies started to disappear with the advent of the vcr. There were no more fascinating conversations started in lines waiting to see "L'Avventura" or "Andrei Rublev" or new friendships made at restaurants after the screenings. I'm heartened to see that the internet is bringing some of the conversation of shared experience back and look forward to participating.

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