I grew up in the film biz, my grandfather Ben Harris owned American Film Company, one of the largest Film Distributors in the Philadelphia area. I carried film cans to theaters as a kid and learned to run a 35mm projector at 15. I've dabbled in short film a bit and wrote a few scripts one of which I am currently working on. My cousin Scott Weiner is a pro photographer and at some point I want to revisit working together on a digital black and white project feature film. Without money it will surely be a challenge. My grandfather made several silent films back in the early 1930's he said you just jot down an idea and pick up a camera. He made a film called "lost" about a dog that escaped from my mother and her sister ( they were twins) and got the entire family involved. I think of it as an early home movie. His son (my Uncle) Jack Harris produced the " The Blob" as well as "Equinox" and many other films those two are Criterion Collection titles. I have been viewing and collecting film for most of my life as well as an occasional Guaranteed Overnight Theatre participant usually as writer or director. I stick to DVD and BLU RAY format as only so much room in our Apartment. ..I have many of the Criterion titles and never enough time to input them all...With over 3000 films in our film collection we have accumulated the good, the bad, and the ugly( pun intended).

  • Favorite director: This is impossible I would have to list at least a dozen
  • Favorite Criterion edition: 8 1/2
  • Most wanted in the collection: 1.The Devils Ken Russell ( come on Criterion get with this more controversial than anything in your stable) 2.Seance on a Wet Afternoon

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