Rob Ferzan

I've been collecting for about 6 years now, though with a small collection. My favorite director is constantly changing, but some others I like are Lynch are Bergman, Chaplin, Linklater, Kubrick, Wes Anderson and Tarantino. I really started collecting a year ago and using the Barnes and Noble sales to really branch out my tastes. I'd like to watch more foreign films. Bergman and Kurosawa (Seven Samurai) was my introduction to foreign cinema, and I'd like to explore that more. I'd like to watch more Kurosawa, Goddard, Fellini, Resnais and Kieslowski. I love film and am constantly hungry to watch more!

  • Favorite director: Currently, David Lynch. This is subject to change.
  • Favorite Criterion edition: Mulholland Dr.
  • Most wanted in the collection: Lost Highway, the Circus, Scenes from a Marriage upgrade
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