Drake Avila was born January 23, 1984 in San Salvador, El Salvador. He has always been extremely passionate about cinema and in 2006 began studies at the Centro de Estudios Cinematograficos de Catalunya in Barcelona, Spain. After attending film school for a year, he immigrated to Canada in 2008 with his family. Following his arrival to Canada, Drake started working at a movie theatre to save money to attend college. Although his interest in film continued, he decided to pursue another area that had piqued his curiosity. After the untimely death of his best friend Fernando, Drake began searching for a way to express his art at a more personal level. In the fall of 2009, he began his studies at Red Deer College in the visual arts program. While on his summer 2010 hiatus from the visual arts program, Avila decided to return to film and worked on the project “Primal Absolution.” To Avila, cinema is the ultimate visual medium to express one’s self. “Primal Absolution” is a beginning into mixing more media and diving deeper into personal cinema. In addition to cinema and visual arts, his other interests include drawing, painting, philosophy, psychology, reading, and sculpture. He is also interested in the human condition and has acquired knowledge from the readings of Camus, Freud, Jung, Kafka, and Nietzsche, which have been incorporated into his work. Avila’s ultimate goal is to continue in the fields of film, painting, and sculpture and to eventually have a profession that encompasses the three mediums. written by L.D. (2010) NOT D.A

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