Popcorn Reviews

I first became interested in film when I watched Danny Boyle's "Sunshine". I really loved it, so I decided to make a Rotten Tomatoes account, and write a paragraph stating why I liked it. After I finished though, I decided to write reviews for a couple more films that I liked as well. After realizing how I really enjoyed reviewing those films, I decided to review films as a hobby. Eventually, my reviews got longer, and I began watching more old/foreign films. Now, watching/reviewing films is a hobby of mine.

  • Favorite director: Either Stanley Kubrick or David Lynch
  • Favorite Criterion edition: Stalker
  • Most wanted in the collection: Come and See

Popcorn Reviews’s Updates

  • Popcorn Reviews doesn’t have any favorites yet.

    • Days of Heaven (Criterion DVD)


    • The Killing (Criterion DVD)


    • Rashomon (Criterion DVD)


    • Great Expectations (Criterion DVD)


    • In a Lonely Place (Criterion DVD)




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