I found out about Criterion a few years ago when listening to the Scarecrow Video Podcast. The staff at Scarecrow Video enthusiastically told me about Criterion and I grew to love it as well. I have recently been binge watching Hitchcock and am up to over 30 of his films so far. My favorite Criterion titles are Paris, Texas, Three Colors, Night of the Hunter (and it's extensive bonus content with the director), Repoman, Au revoir les enfants, High and Low, Ikiru, Tampopo, L’argent, Slacker (made with a $23,000 budget!), more then I can mention really.

  • Favorite director: Hitchcock
  • Favorite Criterion edition: Three Colors
  • Most wanted in the collection: I basically just want more of the previous titiles to move off DVD and combo packs over to Blu-ray only.

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