Keith Enright

I've been collecting Criterion since 2002. My first edition was 8 1/2 although I had previously purchased Slingblade and Pink Flamingos on laser disc. I've owned the entire collection since 2006 and look forward each month to whatever is new. I may be underwhelmed by a title or two, but I am NEVER disappointed.

  • Favorite director: Powell & Pressburger
  • Favorite Criterion edition: The Red Shoes
  • Most wanted in the collection: A Matter of Life and Death

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    • Metropolitan (Criterion Blu-Ray)


    • Kind Hearts and Coronets (Criterion DVD)


    • La bête humaine (Criterion DVD)


    • The Children Are Watching Us (Criterion DVD)
    • The Complete Mr. Arkadin (Criterion DVD)


    • The Virgin Spring (Criterion DVD)
    • Young Mr. Lincoln (Criterion DVD)


    • The Bad Sleep Well (Criterion DVD)




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