Jackson Schreiber

  • Favorite director: John Carpenter
  • Favorite Criterion edition: The Third Man
  • Most wanted in the collection: Performance; Last Tango In Paris; Westworld; The Shop Around The Corner; Nosferatu, Phantom Der Nacht; Bringing Up Baby; Suspiria; The Last Detail; Das Boot; City Of God; Laura; Assault On Precinct 13 (1976); Marty; Diner; Breaking Away; The Lost Weekend; The Awful Truth; Sabrina (1954); Pat Garrett And Billy The Kid
  • Jackson Schreiber hasn’t made any lists yet.

  • Jackson Schreiber doesn’t have any favorites yet.

    • In Cold Blood (Criterion DVD)


    • Gilda (Criterion DVD)
    • Kind Hearts and Coronets (Criterion DVD)
    • The Seventh Seal (Criterion DVD)
    • The Bad Sleep Well (Criterion DVD)
    • In a Lonely Place (Criterion DVD)


    • The Killing (Criterion DVD)


    • Paths of Glory (Criterion DVD)




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