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While Bergman is the most incredible director, I'd have to say the one whose films I love to watch the most is Francois Truffaut. Both are well-represented in the Criterion Collection. Other favorites include Hitchcock, Welles, Jules Dassin -- oh, so many and they're all here. I'd love to see Milos Forman's first American film here, to complement LOVES OF A BLONDE and FIREMAN'S BALL. TAKING OFF is a comic odyssey, and oddity, which represents so well an outside looking in at American culture -- but at a particular moment in time. I like films that are affectionate to their characters (even if they are ridiculed or ridiculous) and I think this film is very affectionate. Second choice would be Robert Downey, Sr.'s POUND -- the one really important film missing from DVD, Blu-Ray, and the recent Criterion collection.

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