● Own the entire Criterion Collection on DVD or Blu-Ray Disc, or both, except for the following titles (spine #): The Killer (8), Hard Boiled (9), This is Spinal Tap (12), and Dead Ringers (21). ● Miss the Criterion Collection catalog inserts included with DVD releases up until early-2007! ● Delighted at the release of the first Criterion Blu-Ray to feature 7.1 DTS-HD Master Audio. ● Disappointed with the By Brakhage: An Anthology, Volumes One and Two Blu-Ray release having been assigned a unique spine # (518). Glad it has not happened since and would be upset if it were to ever happen again. ● Building a new film school in the higher education market!

  • Favorite director: ● Sir David Lean, CBE ● Luis Buñuel Portolés ● Alejandro Jodorowsky P. ● Robert Rodríguez ● Federico Fellini ● Bernard Shakey
  • Favorite Criterion edition: ● Man Who Fell to Earth (DVD) ● Blow-Up
  • Most wanted in the collection: ● The Blue Angel ● Police ● Battle of Neretva ● The Thief of Paris ● Peppermint Frappé Retired: Weekend/Repo Man/La Notte; Thanks!

Collection’s Updates

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Latest Addition:

Kameradschaft by G. W. Pabst

  • Lost in America (Criterion DVD)
  • The Marseille Trilogy (Criterion DVD)
  • Ghost World (Criterion Blu-Ray)


  • Rumble Fish (Criterion Blu-Ray)


  • Buena Vista Social Club (Criterion Blu-Ray)


  • Mildred Pierce (Criterion DVD)
  • The Before Trilogy (Criterion Blu-Ray)


  • Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown (Criterion Blu-Ray)




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