First A BIG Thank You To The Good Folks At Criterion Collection, Inc. and Janus Films! o Past o Present o Future I am a big film fanatic! Used to make films as an adolescent and I studied films while in college (PennState shout to my alma mater - We Are!). Looking to get a master’s degree in film/video as well as follow my dreams (getting involved in the industry and work professionally) post-post-grad. My taste in film is wide and changes overtime so I’m pretty much open to everything. Personally, I’m driven towards films with: o Character development that penetrates the viewer/audiences soul, o Plots and story lines that tend to be dense and/or diverse.  HIT ME WITH THAT SUB-PLOT!  Special-Features All-Day this is a MUST! o Industry Interests include:  Acting  Directing  Editing  Story-boarding  Studying/Critiquing/Reviewing Films and Film Restoration The first CC/J films I saw that I can remember were: o All Quiet On The Western Front o Ivan the Terrible, Pt. I (Maybe Pt. II – Social Studies yeah) o Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas o I have a blog I started recently ( All About Criterion Expansion: o A Few Favorites:  Three Colors  Rashomon  Battle of Algiers  A Night To Remember  The Great Beauty  Tokyo Drifter  High and Low  Pale Flower  The Killing o Looking Forward To Watching  Red Desert (again)  Pina  Paris Belongs To Us (need to finish)

  • Favorite director: Spike Lee/Clint Eastwood/Stanley Kubrick/Krzysztof Kieślowski to name a few (so many more)
  • Favorite Criterion edition: Three Colors
  • Most wanted in the collection: Blu-Ray: A Face In The Crowd, The Good, The Bad & The Ugly/Belly/Menace II Society/Hamlet (1948) /Predator/The Grapes of Wrath/Clockers/He Got Game/Moolade

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