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  • Brazil (Criterion Blu-Ray)




    Terry Gilliam

    Stevie A.: “Brazil is one of Terry Gilliam's more surreal futuristic flicks about mistaken Identity, and a bizarre landscape, with a bizarre twist. ”

    Blu-Ray Spine #51 Learn more »
  • Blow Out (Criterion Blu-Ray)



    Blow Out

    Brian De Palma

    Stevie A.: “Brian De Palma's 1981 classic thriller about a sound engineer who records a murder while getting outdoor sound bites. ”

    Blu-Ray Spine #562 Learn more »
  • Repo Man (Criterion Blu-Ray)



    Repo Man

    Alex Cox

    Stevie A.: “I love this classic!! Alex Cox brought us to a satire of down with the government, law and order, and capitalist america, with head banging punk rock.”

    Blu-Ray Spine #654 Learn more »