Even as a child,films were important to me. To this day,some of my favorite films are films that I saw as a young child(The Birds,for instance). I enjoy silent film; classic Hollywood fare; post war European cinema of the 1950s and 60s; the American films of the 1960s and 70s (sometimes referred to as the second Golden Age of Hollywood),and plenty more.I don't watch many contemporary films. Hollywood's output in recent years has been abysmal(the decline goes beyond Hollywood,IMO). Having said this,I could always find a few new films each year that I really loved; that number is dwindling every year. But the good thing is great films are more accessible than ever before;and there are so many to be discovered!(Atom Egoyan and Criterion would make a perfect match.I'm surprised it hasn't happened yet.I'd love to see Felicia's Journey; Exotica,or The Sweet Hereafter in the CC.)

  • Favorite director: Ingmar Bergman; François Truffaut; Alfred Hitchcock,etc.
  • Favorite Criterion edition: City Lights;The Apu Trilogy
  • Most wanted in the collection: Two Women;Los Olvidados;Death In Venice; The Piano Teacher; The Student Prince In Old Heidelberg(silent,1927); Raintree County; The Woman Next Door; The Duchess of Langeais;The Reckless Moment; an updated Andrei Rublev; The Pianist; Reds; Hud; A Patch of Blue, and Before Night Falls.

MelanieDaniels’s Wish List (59)


Latest Addition:

L’argent by Robert Bresson

  • The  Bridge (Criterion Blu-Ray)
  • Au revoir les enfants (Criterion Blu-Ray)
  • Black Girl (Criterion Blu-Ray)
  • Two Days, One Night (Criterion Blu-Ray)
  • My Dinner with André (Criterion Blu-Ray)


  • The Asphalt Jungle (Criterion Blu-Ray)


  • Eclipse Series 2:  The Documentaries of Louis Malle (Eclipse DVD)
  • Three Colors (Criterion Blu-Ray)


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