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My affection and appreciation for good movies has been obtained from over 70 years of consistent viewing. Westerns and film noir head my genre listing but I'm open for any production with the ability to create lasting memories. In retirement I maintain this life long connection. I have over 6000 movies in my private collection and most were acquired after I had seen them on the big screen and judged them worthy to see again at my whim for pleasure or specific purpose. A recent viewing of William Freidken's unforgettable production of THE SORCERER confirmed with me that there are many cinema jewels out there still needing to be seen by the masses. HOW DID I MISS THIS??? My Criterion Collection numbers over 150. Why not??? The more I view MY DARLiNG CLEMENTINE the more it secures itself in my listing of NOIR-like Westerns. Excited for THE BREAKING POINT coming out in August.

  • Favorite director: John Ford, Anthony Mann, Sam Peckinpah
  • Favorite Criterion edition: Stagecoach!
  • Most wanted in the collection: Let's give George Stevens his due... SHANE and GIANT

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