I have wanted to make films ever since I first watched 'The Good, The Bad and The Ugly' at age 15. Now I have six short films under my belt as director and a dozen or so others I have worked on. I am obsessed by film in the way that most free-thinking folks really shouldn't be. I suppose my main passions when it comes to films are that: 1. Films can provoke not just emotional but physical reactions in me (e.g. 'Memories of Murder'). 2. Narrative drive and momentum is all well and good but real excitement, I feel, lies in ideas and real-life repercussions (e.g. British Kitchen-Sink dramas). 3. They can make me give a shit about stuff I couldn't care less about (e.g. 'The Red Shoes').

  • Favorite director: Ken Loach
  • Favorite Criterion edition: The Two of Us
  • Most wanted in the collection: The Battle of Chile/Boy/Fast, Cheap and Out of Control/Lone Star/The Mattei Affair/Raining Stones/Requiem/Julien Temple's Sex Pistol films

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