Fledgling film buff. I love experiencing new films, from different countries, in varied languages, each changing film language along the way. Cinema helped me understand the term "art" better, because films helped me relate to that abstract concept the best.

  • Favorite Criterion edition: Mulholland Dr.
  • Most wanted in the collection: (More) Almodovar, Paris is Burning, Metropolis, Ensayo de un Crimen, Temporada de Patos (Duck Season), O Pegador de Promesas, more Brazilian cinema, I Walked With a Zombie, Hour of the Wolf, Tropical Malady, Shivers, Beau Travail

CircleofManias’s Updates

  • Onibaba (Criterion DVD)
  • Night of the Living Dead (Criterion DVD)
  • The Breakfast Club (Criterion DVD)


  • Eclipse Series 36: Three Wicked Melodramas from Gainsborough Pictures (Eclipse DVD)
  • Rififi (Criterion DVD)
  • Diary of a Country Priest (Criterion DVD)
  • Jabberwocky (Criterion DVD)
  • Desert Hearts (Criterion DVD)




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