I began watching classic films, foreign films, and any other obscure films in my teenage years when I became sick and tired of seeing the same old stuff in movie theaters that Hollywood was bringing out that was focused more on quantity than quality. Most of the films on Janus Films/Criterion Collection I saw out of recommendation while others I just discover on my own. There are films here that I loved immediately, some that I hated, and others that I'm gonna want to watch a couple more times to understand what's going on. Unfortunately, I do not own any Criterion films due to financial reasons, so I have to rely on showings on TV and on the internet if only shown for free. As a result, my collection is only a mixture of films I had already seen and films I have yet to see.

  • Favorite director: Terry Gilliam; Michael Powell; Takashi Miike;
  • Favorite Criterion edition: Black Orpheus
  • Most wanted in the collection: The Cook, The Thief, His Wife, and Her Lover; Heathers; Jacob's Ladder; Man on Wire; Any film directed byTakashi Miike; City of God; The Elephant Man; Possession (1981);The Tenent; THX 1138; Suddenly, Last Summer; The Diving Bell and the Butterfly; The Gr

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    Midnight Cowboy by John Schlesinger



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