Bailee Walsh

Class of 2013. 21 years old. From Troy, Michigan and moved to Orange, California in 2010. Interested in studying Film, Art History, and Psychology. I am obsessed with music, film, and books. I love alternative punk rock music; anything classic- film, literature, and music. My TV is always on TCM. My favorite film is Plein Soleil / Purple Noon (1960). My favorite TV Show is Twin Peaks. I'm obsessed with Twin Peaks!

  • Favorite director: Jean-Luc Godard / Wes Anderson / Ingmar Bergman
  • Favorite Criterion edition: Purple Noon
  • Most wanted in the collection: Le Petit Soldat (1960) / A Royal Affair (2012) / Gaslight (1944) / Blue Velvet (1986) / Coffee and Cigarettes (2003) / Deadline At Dawn (1946) / A Place In The Sun (1951) / Almost Famous (2000)

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