My Criterion

Under Construction

Under Construction

If you’ve been using the My Criterion features at, don’t worry! Those amazing lists you made, full of smart notes and interesting connections, are not lost. They are just temporarily offline while we integrate them into our new website.

My Criterion has been a huge success, but like the rest of the site, it has been overdue for an overhaul. Instead of bringing back the My Criterion landing page, we’ll be highlighting the best of your published lists in related contexts throughout the site. You’ll find all of your own lists, public and private, along with the lists you’ve favorited in the My Account section. We’re preserving the features that allow you to track your collection, make notes on individual titles, create editorial lists and top 10s with extended text, write comments, and share more easily. While we’re still working on it, what else would you like to see?

We’re sorry for the inconvenience, but we’re working hard so that our list-making and sharing features will be smoother and better than ever. Thanks for your patience!

The Criterion Team