The Endless Struggles of an Artist

by Drew Phillips

Created 08/05/12

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Criterion sure likes to celebrate not only art films, but films about those who truly excel at their craft


  • By Rasa
    August 05, 2012
    10:12 PM

    great list! Love that you included An Angel at My Table to the list.
    • By Drew Phillips
      August 05, 2012
      10:44 PM

      I actually thought of and made this list while watching An Angel at My Table! Such a strong movie
  • By futurestar
    August 07, 2012
    04:35 PM

    a virtual, visual library on some of our cinematic, classical moments held timeless in celluloid. thanks.
  • By Iza Larize
    August 26, 2012
    11:15 AM

    This is a very nice list. So right on. Thanks for including "Chasing Amy"!
    • By Drew Phillips
      September 04, 2012
      07:05 PM

      You're plenty welcome! I love Chasing Amy so much!
  • By endo
    August 28, 2012
    02:32 AM

    Wonderful varied list. Lots I haven't seen, but will check out. Thanks!
  • By some_guy
    January 15, 2013
    03:39 PM

  • By Eric Levy
    May 19, 2015
    02:59 PM

    Hey Drew. Wonderful list. Since you include LOUIE BLUIE and CRUMB, so documentaries are eligible, right? There's ANTONIO GAUDI, and the newly announced MUR MURS by Varda looks pretty cool too. And I'm not sure if you're including shorts, but JUNKOPIA from the LA JETEE/SANS SOLEIL Blu-ray is all about found-object art. Just a few suggestions...
  • By Eric Levy
    June 08, 2015
    01:25 PM

    And I just watched BLUE IS THE WARMEST COLOR. One of the lead characters is a painter.