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by Jordan Mears

Created 08/01/12

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Alright, so there are more than 10 here. Thank God for the "Tie" button. These are some films that I really love from the Criterion Collection.

  • Funny, heartbreaking, and very realistic. A bittersweet look at sex and relationships.

  • The acting, writing, direction, wardrobe and production design are all top notch. This is a movie that stays in your mind long after it's over.

  • This is such a quirky movie. It's full of bizzare comedy, wit and heart. The scene where they finally see the Tiger shark is tear enducing. The music is just off the charts.

  • I can't praise this movie enough. It just needs to be seen by everyone.

  • The madness, care and love that goes into creating movies and how it affects the lives of the people who create them. Fascinating and haunting with it's claustrophobia-like dream sequences.

  • Oh, man... This movie. It's just brilliant. Hands down. Nothing more can really be said about it that hasn't already been said.

  • I have never laughed so hard at crucifiction in all my life.

  • A movie about the search for freedom. Just beautiful in every aspect. It really makes you think about life and what we can and can't do; how there will always be people that will try to stop us from truly living the life we feel we need to.

  • Heartbreaking. The story, the acting, the music... Ben Johnson's monologue is ranked up there with the best that have ever been written.

  • An angel who falls in love? I'm in. I really love the transition of Black & White to color. Plus, it has Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds. And Peter Faulk! Don't get me started on Peter Faulk. He steals every scene he's in.

  • An incredibly hard movie to pinpoint. So, I'll just leave it at funny, crazy, and incredibly creepy.

  • The imagination of a child is a beautiful thing. But, in this case, it's very terrifying and sad.

  • Film_30w_m_w160

    10. (tie)

    Fritz Lang

    That whistling, it gets me every time. Peter Lorre needs to be resurrected and put into every movie ever made.