Farias' Top 10 List

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Created 07/24/12

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  • When God rested on the seventh day, this is what he watched. Poignant, dignified, outlandish, philosophical, and humorous all at once, Kurosawa's epic is a force to be reckoned with.

  • I first saw this film when I was in high school and it just blew me away. I tried to relive the journey when I was in college and nearly died. Today, as a 30-something, I know how to sit-back, relax, and take in the face-melting tour-de-force offered to us by director Terry Gilliam and writer Hunter S. Thompson. The nervous energy brought to the screen by Depp is just brilliant and Del Toro is phenomenal as a flat-out destructive monstrosity.

  • Has anyone counted how much toking goes on in this film? I tried keeping up once, with a coupla fresh bowls ready to go. Got halfway through the film before I passed out in a haze. When a film out-smokes me, that's how I know it kicks ass.

  • With Cronos, I fear filmmaker Guillermo del Toro has fallen in line of great directors who just can't seem to match the panache of that first big hit. All of the films that del Toro has made that precedes Cronos just come up incredibly short in terms of character development, plot depth, and most importantly, with the overall enjoyment factor. On top of being del Toro's masterpeice, this is the film to see if you are a die-hard fan of vampire films.

  • Forget Grease or Saturday Night Fever. If you're a Travolta fan, the one film you must have in your collection is Blow Out. Travolta shines in this political thriller that keeps me nail-biting and on the edge of my seat for the whole showing. ...Matter of fact, I'd even argue that this film is De Palma's best, but that's treading into shady territory and I'll bite my tounge on that.

  • Question:What do you get when you mix a big budget, a proven director, an all-star cast of actors and a glorious script?
    Answer: The Thin Red Line

    Don't miss out on this anti-war epic by Terrence Malick.

  • Mankind - inherently evil or inherently good? What about when left to run amok unsupervised? If you're a fan of Golding's book, Brook's film is a must see. Brook is adept at peeling back layers of humanity for his viewers to see upon the screen as they try to arrive at an answer for the essential question at heart - when it all boils down, are humans good or evil?

  • As far as biopics go, Soderbergh's Che and Assayas Carlos are two films that will rock your socks. The fast-paced Carlos and the well-versed Che will leave you feeling like you want to take a trip to the Latin Americas, join up with a force of rebels, and then become a lethal mercenary-for-hire. .

  • The. Two. Most. Romantic. Films. Ever.

    "Aim above morality, above all else." -Maude

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