My Top 10 (That I Own!!)

by Ryan Colson

Created 07/23/12

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Top Ten Criterion films from my personal collection, meaning I own a copy.
Subject to change, of course. ;)
No ties allowed! ;)

  • I can't say anything that hasn't been said about this film, so I'll just say it has some splendid special features on top of being one of the best films ever made and influential on plenty of films that came after it.
    Should be in every film collection.

  • This is a pretty fantastic movie. I can't really say much about it, but if you're debating a Criterion film to buy and don't own this one, it'd be a nice addition.

  • Diabolique is my favorite thriller film. It's got some great creepy moments, a solid atmosphere, and some iconic imagery. I've never met someone I've introduced this film to that hasn't enjoyed it.

  • This is in the BBS Story Box set. It's one of my favorite films in the box. There's some solid special features on the film and it's heartwrenching at times. Also an early film for many well known actors, so BONUS.

  • This Yakuza film is pretty snazzy in high definition. Foreign language films may not be for everyone, but it's got some nice mojo going. If you grab this as a Blind Buy, you should be pretty pleased with it.

  • Another solid thriller, this film's inspired many films as well. It's got a great villain and one of the best endings on film I've seen.

  • A documentary, it's absolutely quirky/strange and a tad creepy. Keep on Viewin'!

  • A great start for some early star power, Grave has a pretty good soundtrack and a riveting story. It's a film that shouldn't be missed. The audio is 2.0, fair warning, but the commentaries and features are really good.

  • I enjoy all of Anderson's films, but this one is the one I love the most. Many people did not enjoy this one, sadly, but hopefully a Blu-Ray release is on the way.

  • One of the creepiest films I've ever watched, Antichrist is not for the faint of heart, so it's on the very bottom. It's several shades of disturbing.


  • By Kassi A.
    December 26, 2012
    10:01 PM

    I need to get the antichrist and see this! Your list is all good ones I need to watch
    July 15, 2013
    04:48 PM

    Nice top ten.