World War II in the Collection

by Kevin B.

Created 07/21/12

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Movies that are set during the years of World War II, in which the war itself plays a role in the action and/or characters. Suprisingly, there are several. Unfortunately, I haven't seen all of them (particularly those from the Soviet Union), so the list will grow over time. (Please comment and tell me of any titles you know of that I haven't included yet.)


  • By jakubski
    July 23, 2012
    09:50 PM

    you forgot the great dictator
    • By Kevin B.
      July 30, 2012
      12:23 PM

      Thanks for the comment, jakubski. Although Chaplin created The Great Dictator in response to the danger and destructiveness of the Nazis and Fascists in Europe, I can't say that the movie was "set" during World War II or portrayed the war itself or its effects on people (though it is a brilliant and powerful satire of events in Europe and a clear warning of the threat they posed to free societies throughout the world). Cheers!