the theatre with another view

by futurestar

Created 07/20/12

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making a top anything list from the criterion collection is a futile effort given the immensity of grand work and terrific titles. to whittle it down to such a few is disconcerting. these shoes are way too big and we have all traveled very, very far to be here - at this place now. to be well watched and challenged by what you have viewed. to rethink the improbable and be awed by simplistic beauty. verve, bravado, silent sly gazes, impossible word puzzles, and subtitled epics. we live rich, well, and are very much alive. celluloid to high definition, ours is a cultural celebration of worldly community, forever expressing, retelling the curious, infinite story of us.


  • By David Blakeslee
    July 28, 2012
    08:54 PM

    That's an impeccable list Russell! Top notch choices, every single one of 'em.
    • By futurestar
      July 29, 2012
      05:54 AM

      thanks back to he whom knows and makes a living doing so. you continue to inspire from the origins of your own pinging and through your work at www.criterioncast.com. I tool advantage of the recent B & N sale to add several additional Eclipse box sets. take care always to the consummate professional and friend.