David M. Brimer's Top Ten

by DavidMBrimer

Created 07/18/12

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I am a Cinephile and Musician, and I've been a lover of Criterion for years!

  • The absolute climax of Weimar Cinema. Beautiful and understated, Pandora's Box is a cinematic event. Louise Brooks is stunning and Pabst was at the top of his game.

  • The funniest film in the collection. Such a classic, words cannot describe.

  • My favorite modern western. Vilmos Zsigmond's photography is astonishing. So glad to see Criterion embrace this much hated classic. It is the greatest film Hollywood ignored!

  • It kills me that Charles Laughton only made this one film. Clearly influenced by Griffith, Night Of The Hunter is perhaps the greatest film of the 1950's.

  • Kubrick is my favorite film maker, and Paths Of Glory is one of his greatest statements. It is both the greatest anti-war film ever made (with All Quiet On The Western Front being a close second) and Kirk Douglas' best performance.

  • What a great surprise this film was! A perfect time capsule of Weimar Germany.

  • If only for the "The Red Shoes" ballet sequence in the middle. The definition of pure cinema!

  • If you couldn't tell already, I am a HUGE fan of Weimar Cinema. Fritz Lang is my favorite film maker from the period, and M is the best Lang film in the collection. A must see for any cinephile.

  • I love the atmosphere this film invokes. Some of the spookiest cinematography you'll ever see.

  • The amazing Emil Jannings has hardly been better than he is in The Last Command. A glorious late Hollywood masterpiece!

  • Come on people, it's The Docks Of New York, it's a masterpice of old Hollywood!

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