Eight favorite films in the collection

by Noah Klodowski

Created 03/30/18

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These are my seven favorite films in the criterion collection, sadly Clockwork Orange and Taxi Driver (my two real favorite films) aren't in here, otherwise this would be pretty damn close to what my real eight favorites are.

  • Fuck Pirates of the Caribbean, this is Johnny Depp's true best performance, he is so believable but at some points so silly in the film it creates a very circus-like atmosphere that I personally love.

  • I own this film on a separate DVD, so maybe I shouldn't be putting it on here since I don't own it on criterion? But who cares, it's truly one of the most beautifully shot Kubrick films ever, maybe the most beautifully shot, and that's saying a lot coming from both 2001 AND Clockwork Orange beforehand. I bet most of you already know but this film was actually shot in almost all natural lighting, it's truly amazing what someone so devoted to their craft can do!

  • Yep, another Kubrick movie! This is actually one of the very few films I own on criterion, and it is such a treat that this came with not only the Killing, but Killer's Kiss too! I hadn't even read the case so I wasn't expecting it to be included, awesome! Also, the fact that this is a great movie also helps, probably the finest piece of film noir ever put to screen.

  • This movie is not for everyone, I made the mistake of hearing about this movie, seeing one scene, then just straight going and watching the whole movie, my advice, wait to watch this movie, wait for the right time when you're, dare I say it, "ready", to view, its truly a marvel in filmmaking and never ceases to disgust, amazing cinema.

  • I don't know why, but this film makes me feel very good, the climax AND conclusion are so perfect, all the characters are enjoyable to watch on screen, and though the beginning may be slow, it builds to something fantastic.

  • A pleasant surprise for the collection, I'm not 100 percent sure how long its been in the collection, but I was fine picking this one up. I really like the special features and the film itself is as cult-filmy as a cult film can get, pure gold.

  • All I can say is stunning, this film stunned me like none other before.

  • What a fantastic Criterion edition, a stunning film in itself as Fellini shoots many beautiful scenes in unlikely vistas, traffic outside the Colosseum, a defaced statue of Julius Caesar, and the fountain in the villa. Stunning in its biographical sense, and cinematography this is a harrowing masterpiece, matching those of Fellini's previous work such as 81/2, La Strada, and La Dolce Vita.

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