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by Kyle M Hartford

Created 03/12/18

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Criterion Films that I own

  • My favorite film of all time. Everything about this film is flawless. The editing is sharp, the cinematography is slick, and the story is cool and exciting. An absolute masterpiece. Thank you, Jean Pierre Melville, for making such an extraordinary film.

  • This film is entrancing. Tarkovsky really specializes in engrossing the viewer into the atmosphere of the film. More of an out of body experience rather than a film. The cinematic equivalent of meditation.

  • This film messed with my head. As the film progresses, the more surreal and abstract it becomes. Bergman was truly a master.

  • Tarkovsky is simply a genius. This film was so beautiful, that I cried. This film belongs in a museum.

  • This film is gorgeous. Hands down my favorite musical score of all time. Great performances and set design.

  • David Lynch is my favorite director. While I personally think 'Inland Empire' is his crowning achievement, this film comes in at a close second. Awesome film.

  • Wes Anderson + Stop motion sea creatures + David Bowie + Bill Murray + Jeff Goldblum = Perfection

  • A phenomenal prequel to my favorite television series.

  • Love this film. It's pretty much 'La Dolce Vita' starring a woman as Marcello.

  • This film is bonkers. What a fun time!

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